Dr Ralph Minter, PhD, FRSB

Ralph is an expert in antibody discovery with over 20 years’ experience of leading discovery teams and developing candidate drugs across multiple disease areas. He was previously Senior Director in Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering at AstraZeneca and prior to that was part of Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT), which later became MedImmune. In addition to antibody discovery, Ralph is known for pioneering new technology platforms within the biologics field. An example of this is phenotypic, or target-agnostic, antibody screening which Ralph instigated and ran for 15 years at CAT/MedImmune and which has yielded many novel therapeutic targets, some of which are now being tested in clinical trials. Ralph is an author on >35 papers, frequent invited speaker at antibody conferences and inventor on several patents.

Ralph holds a BSc in Pathology and Microbiology from Bristol University and a PhD in Immunology from Durham University.