Nature’s most effective search engine

Our Science

Adaptive immunity represents nature’s most effective search engine: Disease protection arises through a beneficial antibody providing a selective advantage over a myriad of different antibodies.

We Identify

We identify especially resilient individuals –
and learn how they overcome or resist disease

Alchemab identifies these naturally occurring protective antibodies by mining the antibody receptors of individuals who are resistant to or recovered from disease. We are developing the antibodies into therapeutic products for broader use in patients who lack this protective response and are suffering from hard-to-treat diseases.

Our unique approach starts by identifying groups of resilient individuals, such as long-term survivors of cancer or people with slow-to-progress neurodegenerative disorders.

We Sequence

We sequence B cells from the resilient individuals and identify antibodies with similar properties

Their antibody repertoires are then deeply sequenced, resulting in billions of antibody sequences that feed into our computational drug discovery engine.

We use advanced analytical tools to find groups of functionally related protective antibodies that are convergent across the resilient population only.

We Discover

We discover the binding targets of the antibodies, understand their protective properties and subsequently develop therapeutic candidates that replicate the protective effect

Convergent antibodies are selected to enter a suite of target deconvolution and phenotypic assays to understand their binding targets and protective properties.

We identify, develop and optimize potent therapeutic candidates that replicate the protective effect.