Jenny Howell oversees project management at Alchemab and is responsible for managing our research and development portfolio and projects. Prior to joining Alchemab, Jenny held strategic portfolio and project management roles at AstraZeneca, MedImmune, Alizyme Therapeutics and GSK.   Jenny earned a BSc in applied Chemistry from Northumbria University.

Henry Farmery is our Director of Informatics where he oversees Alchemab’s IT and software development. Prior to joining Alchemab, Henry co-founded phenoteq, a deep learning company focused on building technologies to diagnose cancer. Prior to the founding of Phenoteq, Henry was the Lead Scientist at Cambridge Cancer Genomics where he built a bioinformatics platform to process ctDNA samples. Henry […]

Martin Butler is our Head of Operations where he oversees Alchemab’s site and scientific operations, procurement, and supply chain functions. Prior to joining Alchemab, Martin was Global Supply Chain Director for Horizon Discovery where he managed operational activities at sites within the UK and USA and led the organization’s response to Brexit and the recent […]

Donna Finch is Alchemab’s Head of Translational and Clinical Science where she oversees our target discovery and validation activities and our non-clinical and early clinical development efforts. Prior to joining Alchemab, Donna was Associate Director, Respiratory Inflammation and Autoimmunity, R&D Biopharmaceuticals at MedImmune and AstraZeneca, leading pre-clinical biology, translational and early clinical activities of several projects […]

Jake Galson is Alchemab’s Vice President of Technology where he leads the development and application of novel technologies for the company.  Prior to Alchemab, Jake was the Bioinformatics lead at Kymab Ltd, where his group developed the IntelliSelect® antibody discovery software platform. Jake is also one of the pioneers of immune receptor repertoire sequencing, serving […]

Ralph Minter is our Senior Vice President of Research and leads our antibody discovery efforts. Prior to joining Alchemab, Ralph was Senior Director in Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering at AstraZeneca where he led discovery teams and developed candidate drugs across multiple disease areas. Before joining AstraZeneca, he was part of Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT), […]