Dr. Kwon is an accomplished executive with extensive operating experience. Dr. Kwon held a variety of leadership roles as a senior executive at Momenta Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kwon was most recently Chief Financial and Business Officer at Momenta, where he had responsibility for business development, strategy, finance, investor relations, and commercial. Dr. Kwon led public equity […]

Dr. Finch is accomplished in antibody drug discovery and development, from Target discovery and validation, in vitro and in vivo models, translational biology and early clinical development. She has over 20 years’ experience leading pharmacology and translational biology teams and developing candidate drugs across multiple disease areas, leading a number of projects from conception through […]

Dr. Varley is an expert in biopharmaceutical development with more than 25+ years experience of developing antibodies, proteins and other macromolecules into drugs from Research into the clinic and through to commercialization.    Previously Paul held a similar roles in Cambridge Antibody Technology, AstraZeneca, MedImmune and most recently Kymab.  Previously Paul had also worked at British […]

Dr. Galson is experienced in the development and application of novel technologies in the biotechnology sector. Previously he was the Bioinformatics lead at Kymab Ltd, where his group developed the IntelliSelect® antibody discovery software platform. Jake is also one of the pioneers of immune receptor repertoire sequencing, serving as a member of the AIRR community, […]

Dr. Minter is an expert in antibody discovery with over 20 years’ experience leading discovery teams and developing candidate drugs across multiple disease areas. Previously, he was Senior Director in Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering at AstraZeneca and prior to that was part of Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT), which later became MedImmune. In addition to […]

Dr. Cavlan is a biotech builder and former clinician scientist. She joined Alchemab as founding Head of Business having been an Investment Principal at SV Health Investors. Previously, Olivia was a Partner with McKinsey & Company where she was part of the leadership team in the Healthcare Private Equity and Pharmaceutical practices. While at McKinsey, […]

Dr. Osbourn is an internationally recognized scientist and researcher. Prior to joining Alchemab, Jane served as Vice President of R&D at MedImmune, the biologics arm of AstraZeneca, where she contributed to the development of antibody phage display technology, authored key publications and patents and contributed to the discovery and development of a number of marketed […]