Alchemab presents new data at CHDI Huntington’s Disease Therapeutics Conference 2023

Alchemab’s Donna Finch, Head of Translational and Clinical Science, presented data on a potential first-in-class disease modifying therapeutic for Huntington’s Disease at the annual CHDI Huntington’s Disease Therapeutics Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the 26 April 2023.

Our innovative, target agnostic discovery platform, which combines data analysis of hundreds of millions of individual antibodies with classical laboratory-based drug discovery techniques, has discovered antibodies which bind to multiple extracellular forms of mutant Huntingtin and lead to the uptake of Huntingtin by microglia. The new data shows that Alchemab’s antibodies are highly effective at immunodepleting high molecular weight HTT species and reducing the seeding potential of HTT aggregates isolated from R6/2 mouse model brains.

See the attached presentation to learn more.